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i want it now, or else i'll be a killa.

i think i want chocolate -- NO, I WANT VANILLA

lookin' for ice cream like i don't give a fuck.
27 June 1989
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ball pit

detonating: As soon as I was born, fifty peoples' virginity just EXPLODED
'mere, /cages, a sharp, ana ruins lives, assdragon bashing, assdragon summoner missy, bahabutt: king of assdragons, baman, best friend journals, bitch took my stereo, brain ninja zexion, brainbreak is not epic, brushie brushie brushie, ch-ch-ch-chia, chinese, cloud crying during sex, crack, cream soda, diet soda, dope, double-u-tee-eff, egg = holy grail, eggs are srs bsns, emperor payne, fagitives, fapfapfapfap, fapping, good days to you, grammer, grand theft auto, i'm carrying acid, i-have-to-use-the-bathroom, immaculate emperor's new groove, jackass, jesus-walks-on-water, jkajak, karaoke, kingdom hearts, koll-aid man, llama attacks, losing my religion, love/hate with moogle island, lyric spam, marluxia's chia pet army, marluxia's garden of manliness, marluxia's pink pubes, marluxia+larxene=marlene, mimi, moogle island, mr. pigglesworth, mrs. cerberus, mrs. hydra, ms paint skillz, mulan, n75, nicotine, no you 'mere, not pink pubes, not-dead-internet, not-marluxia's-pink-fluffy-buns, not-moogle island, oh my davey, piderman, puss-in-boots axel, put your sparkler away, rabies, radda radda, radda radda radda radda, raradda radda, saix/lexaeus/kool-aid man, second favorite shirt, singin' ooooooooooh oh, snickerdoodles, sparkledogs, sparkling cream, sperm racing, spontaenous weddings, tinkeraxel, total-eclipse-of-the-heartless, uuuuuuuuuffffffffff, vulgarity, worse than terrorist president